Wednesday, March 18, 2009

First meeting with the builder

When I first imagined this project, I figured I'd do most of the work myself (with a lot of help from my dad). But, I soon realized that instead of working on the deck every evening and weekend through summer, I'd rather barbecue on the deck through summer.

Thus, plan B was to have my builder friend Joe do the majority of the work. Unfortunately, it turned out he was really busy starting on a new job. So, I needed an alternate contractor that could do the job well. I thought about old friend who I knew was in the business...

Chris (Performance Plus Contracting) and I talked on the phone, and a few days later, he and his partner Ryan came out to see the site and review the plans. These guys seemed really dialed-in and had several good ideas for the construction. They set off to get some cost estimates and I went off to get the permit from the county.

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