Monday, March 9, 2009

3 inch hole in the side of the house

You know the project has really started when there is a hole in the side of the house. It's a pretty small hole in this case.

When our house was built, the air conditioning unit was placed right next to the existing deck. That's way too close and makes it difficult to have conversation when you're sitting on the deck and the unit is running. We've always wanted to move the air conditioning unit far away, down toward the other end of the house. The new deck will force this issue since it's 16 feet longer.

I called up our good HVAC guy James from Faith Heating and Air Conditioning. He came by and disconnected the unit. Once the new deck is finished, he'll come back and hook it up in its new home. In the meantime, there's a 3" diameter hole where the unit's pipes went into the garage to the furnace. (I've since screwed a temporary board on the outside to keep the spiders out).

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