Saturday, March 7, 2009

Decommisioning the hot tub

One of the first preparatory steps is to get the hot tub moved out of the way. Once the deck is finished, it will sit, recessed, at the far end. For now, we've got to decommission it and move it out of the way. My dad came over to help me drain and move it. Moving a 2000 lb hot tub with only two people can be a challenge. We got the hang of it and had no problems using a dolly and heavy duty hand truck.

The hot tub's temporary home - out in the middle of the yard:

Moving the beast was only half the story. The 4" thick concrete pad was in the way of some of the new deck's footings. We got a diamond blade for the circular saw and scored the pad. Then I took out my frustrations with the sledge hammer. Luckily, we only needed to break up and dispose of half the pad. We took turns and made quick work of it.

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